Dingel Peninsula
- one of the most beautiful places on earth

There is no other place in Ireland which offers such a variety and density of archaeological funds and breathtaking landscapes as the peninsula Dingle does. The scenery is beautiful and lush. A fascinating and melancholic landscape, with wide evergreen lowlands, smooth hills, and steep sloping cliffs which end in to the majestic Atlantic Ocean. 

Dingle-Peninsula is a favourite spot for the aficionados of Ireland.  Starting at the mystical moors and travelling to the Atlantic beaches.  These are places to truly enjoy nature as well as the beauty and history of the peninsula.  Explore the mysterious of the Celtic ornaments, rome the ancients castles and manor homes, or study the cryptic messages left on the stone walls.  

Dingle, Europe's western most town truly has something for everyone - dreamy streets, a picturesque Old Town with a neat harbour and typical Irish-Pubs. Come enjoy its unique charm while sipping a Guinness and enjoying a traditional Irish Stew

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